Local country style cuisine – traditional and innovative – with seasonal products from local suppliers. We are a sponsoring member of foodwatch and slow food and a member of ALLES and the Solidarische Landwirtschaft.

If you prefer half size helpings feel free to inform us (half price, plus 2 EUR). If you want your meal to be cooked differently than mentioned in our menu, please let us know (for example if you prefer a simply fried pork cutlet instead of a “Wiener Schnitzel") – we will try to meet your expectations! We can prepare any kind of meat we offer differently than mentioned in the menu – just let us know. All our vegetables, salad and herbs come from Zukunftswerkstatt Tempelhof, which is only 17km away from Walkmühle. In case you would like a different side dish, we serve this without additional charges.

In general we cook with natural ingredients. We do not use glutamate. The majority of herbs we use is gluten-free, most of them are “Wiberg” herbs and certified according to Bio Standard. In case you are interested in more details, please feel free to ask Claudia or Thomas.

Different, unique and straight from the heart


Soups & Starters

- Beef Bouillon with homemade Franconian dumplings € 3,80

- Creamy pumpkin soup with seeds and oil € 4,20

- “Tempelhofer” Chard soup with bratwurst dumplings € 4,80

- Carpaccio à la September – tender Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan and our herb butter baguette € 8,80

- "Walkmühlsalat" – green salad with olive oil-balsamico dressing, grilled chicken breast, sunflower seeds, fresh pineapple and our herb butter baguette € 11,80

- "Miss Char meets Madam Shrimp“ – a Char filet and a shrimp skewer with baked potato and salad € 12,80



- "Carp-Knusper" – breaded and fried pieces of „Unterahorner“ carp with potato salad and green salad with olive oil – balsamico - helping for the ladies: two pieces: € 11,80 - helping for hungry men: the whole filet, three pieces € 14,80

- "Carp filet Stückerl“ – Walkmühle-style with small potatoes, mushrooms and tomato pieces, seasoned with garlic, fresh basil olive oil and “Crema di Balsamico” € 12,80

- "Unterahorner Müllerin" – one trout and one char filet in red Pesto with Emmer Risotto and grilled vegetables € 14,80

"Mühlen-Mooswiesteller" – one Bratwurst and one liver sausage, „Merkendorfer“ cabbage and fried potatoes € 8,80

Mill Traditions

We serve salad as a side dish to following meals:

Käsespätzle- Homemade Cheese Spätzle with Allgäu Cheese, “Backsteinkäs’” and dried fried onions € 9,80

"Abgeschaut in Südtirol" – two bread dumplings with chard and tomato pieces and Mozzarella € 9,80

"Surschnitzel" – salted pork cutlet cut into strips, breaded and fried, mashed potatoes with endive € 11,80

"Anno 1327" – salted and smoked „Schäufele“ with dark beer sauce, Bavarian cabbage and potato dumpling € 11,80

"Walkmühlschnitzel" – fried pork cutlet with scallopped with ham and cheese, mushrooms, cranberries and french fries € 12,80

"Dem Müller sei Leibspeis" – strips of pork filet with mushrooms in cream, some grinded cheese and small fried grated potatoes € 14,80

"Schmorbraten" – braised Limousin-beef from our butcher Frank from Schillingsfürst with sauce and bread dumpling € 12,80

"Tafelspitz" – prime boiled Franconian beef from our butcher Trumpp from Feuchtwangen with horseradish sauce, potatoes and cranberries € 12,80

"Crailsheimer Rostbraten" – roast, 200 gr., with dried roasted onions, baked potato wedges and sour cream € 18,80

Mühlen-Vesper-Brotzeiten – Snacks:

- 2 x Bratwurst from butcher Lindörfer with Merkendorfer cabbage and bread or potato salad or french fries € 6,80

- "O'batzter" – typical Bavarian cheese with farmhouse bread from Schmidt's bakery € 6,80

- "Toast Hawaii" – with fresh pineapple, boiled ham, Gouda and cranberries € 6,80

- "Mühlen-Wurstsalat" – typical Franconian meat loaf from butcher Trumpp, cucumbers, onions and if you wish Emmentaler cheese, with farmhouse bread and butter € 6,80

- "Brotzeitschaufel" –with sausage and smoked meat from butcher Trumpp and some good cheese from „Schmalzmüller” from Wassertrüdingen, with farmhouse bread and butter € 8,80



Saiblingsfilet vom heißen Stein und Tatar vom Karpfen-Matjes
Tempelhof-Tomaten mit Mozzarella
Mediterraner Kartoffelsalat
Champignons mit Knoblauch-Mayonnaise
Walkmühl Bledla